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Basil Celeriac Celery root and celery are members of the same family of vegetables, but Celeriac or Celery Root is not the root of the vegetable you buy called celery. This vegetable is cultivated for its root or base instead of for its stalk or leaves.
Thai Basil Chillies - Bullets

A hot chilli that can be used whole or chopped.

Bay Leaf Chillies - Long Red

Similar in size and shape to the green chilli, but with more sting to its flavour. Good idea to mix the red and green chillies together in any dish.

Chives Chillies - Long Green

A long slender green chilli, 6-8 cm long, pointed at one end. It has a medium flavour that is easily eaten by most people who are not use to chilli.

Garlic Chives Cavalo Nero

An Italian cabbage with dark green leaves that have a good, strong flavour.

Corriander Kale

Kale is a member of the cabbage family. It is available in decorative and edible versions and is known for its distinctive ruffled leaves.  The two most common edible versions are curly kale and black kale.  See listings for each type.

Chervil Horseradish

IHorseradish is a long, rough, tapering root, not unlike a parsnip, with rings, and tiny roots sprouting from the main root. Horseradish is sold fresh, but is more often available grated. Dried, flaked and powdered horseradish is also sold and this retains its pungency more fully than the grated form which is stored in vinegar.


Lemon Grass

Thai cooks use these grayish green stalks to impart a lemony flavor to their dishes.  Remove the outer leaves, then use about six inches of the base, discarding the top and the very bottom.  It's best to cut lemongrass into large pieces that can be easily removed after the dish is cooked. 

Mint Salsify

The edible salsify root resembles a russet-like carrot. Non-tapering in shape, the flesh is cream-colored beneath its dark skin. Longer than white salsify, the smoother, black variety also has a more uniform shape. Black salsify is found to be the most preferred as it is fleshier, easier to peel, less fibrous and offers a more distinct flavor.

Mint Snow Peas

Eaten when young and tender, pale to medium green snow peas have edible flat crisp, firm pods that are usually one and a half to three inches long. Wide and flat, tiny undeveloped sweet peas are inside. When a slight bulge of the tiny seeds is barely visible, snow peas are at their prime eating stage.

Vietnamese Mint Zucchini Flower

Zucchini vines produce two types of zucchini flower - both can be used in cooking. The male is more delicate and has a thin stem, while the female is generally larger and has a sweeter stem.


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