Chives Cabbage Plain

Cabbage’s tightly layered leaves form a compact head surrounded by darker outer leaves.

Thai Basil Red Cabbage

Round, compact and heavy for its size, red cabbage boasts dark-red thick and pliable shiny leaves. The color of this cabbage has an affect on its slightly peppery flavor. The darker the red, the better the taste. Chefs prize it for adding vivid color to salads and cooked dishes.

Bay Leaf Cabbage Savoy

Oval-shaped and delicate, Savoy cabbage produces wrinkled crisp leaves. The color ranges from light green, gray-green, bluish-green and may show a reddish tint. Mellow-flavored, its taste is mild and sweet.

Chives Chinese Cabbage

A loose leaf yet large cabbage that is actually an old variety from Japan popular for its beautiful crepe textured and light green leaves. It grows to a robust 12" in diameter.


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