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Chives Beetroot

Red beets are made up of both an edible root and edible leaves, 10-12 inch red and green leafy stems ascend from red beet's ruby red, smooth, bulbous root. Small or medium beets are generally more tender than larger ones. As beets have the highest sugar content of any vegetable, their flavor is typically sweet.

Thai Basil Baby Beetroot

Baby beetroot is a little version of the common beetroot. The beetroot is native to the Mediterranean Basin. Baby beetroots are yellow or red and are about a 1,5cm in diameter. These young beets have a more tender and fine texture then big beetroots. The green leafy portion of the beet is also edible and its texture is similar to that of spinach.

Bay Leaf Gold Beetroot

The Gold beet is made up of both an edible root and edible leaves. The root is pale orange, swollen and globular, reaching sizes of up to four inches in diameter. The root's variegated golden-orange flesh is firm, earthy and sweet.

Chives Chicory

Each chicory plant has a single, long, thick root (known as a 'tap root'). Chicory root is roasted before it is brewed, but it can also be boiled and eaten like a vegetable.

Carrot Dutch Carrot Measuring about 5-8cm long, Dutch carrots have a slightly sweeter flavour than other carrots. Delicate Dutch carrots look fantastic as a side dish and are extremely tender. 
Carrot Bag Dutch Carrot Yellow Baby yellow carrots have a tender-firm butter yellow tapered taproot that comes to a pencil thin point. They are juicy and sweet with a characteristic snappy texture. Although harvested mainly for their roots, their greens are quite edible displaying grassy sweet flavors and aromatics.
Cauliflower Dutch Carrot White The white carrot lacks the pigment found in other carrot varieties giving it a lower nutritional value, however, it does contain health-promoting phytochemicals: natural bioactive compounds that work with nutrients and dietary fibre to protect against disease.
Green Capsicum Dutch Carrot Purple Purple Dutch carrots are about 5-8cm long and have a deep purple skin with orange core. They have a slightly sweeter flavour than other carrots.
Green Capsicum Endive Endive is a leafy green vegetable which is related to the daisy family. It is most often used raw in salads and the name is commonly used when referring to other greens such as chicory or radicchio.
Green Capsicum Kohirabi A bulbous stem that may have a white, pale green or purple skin. The taste resembles cauliflower but is nuttier and not quite as strong.
Leeks Leeks Leeks will not form bulbs or produce cloves like their cousins, but instead develop an edible, 6 - 10 inch-long, round stem that can measure 2 inches in diameter.
Corn baby Leeks Baby leeks do not form bulbs or produce cloves like their Allium cousins, rather they simply develop a sleek edible cylindric stem. Baby leeks more closely resemble Spring Onions AKA scallions, as they have yet to plumpen their stem or create thick green fanned foliage like mature leeks.
Corn Radish The most well-known radish type is bright red and round. Lesser known are the bright red varieties with white tips and the carrot-shaped white radishes rettich and white icicles. Rettich is the same size as a carrot.
Lebanese Cucumber White Radish Mild, crisp, tender and juicy, this round smooth white radish can retain its mild flavor over a long period of time.
Telegraph Cucumber Rhubarb Although rhubarb is actually a vegetable, it makes an excellent dessert or ingredient in pies. Early rhubarb has thin, pinkish stalks and a pleasant, fresh flavour. The ruby red main crop rhubarb grown outside has a sharp taste.
Eggplant Shallots Unlike onions where each plant normally forms a single bulb, shallots form clusters of offsets, rather in the manner of garlic.
Baby Eggplant Spring Onion A small white onion with a long thin stem with green leaves on it that is often eaten raw in salads
Fennel Spinach Silverbeet Trim and remove stalks. Wash leaves and slice. Use in stir-fries, steamed, pureed, combined in quiches, pies or filo parcels.
Fennel English Spinach A hardy spinach with broad, thick leaves that are lightly savoyed (crumpled) with a fine flavour. Also suitable for baby spinach.
Ginger Turnip Common turnips are made up of edible roots, stems and leaves. Several stems of the plant sprout from the bulbous root into broad green leaves. The root itself is roughly 3 inches in diameter, two-toned with magenta blushed tops and white bottoms that flow into the bulb's tapered thin taproot.
Leeks Baby Turnip Baby turnips are made up of edible roots, stems and leaves. Several pale green stems of the plant sprout from the bulbous root into broad green leaves. The root itself is globular and about one inch in diameter, creamy white with a loamy finish. Each root has a tapered thin taproot.


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